21 Oct 2022

My Youtube videos - on the economy, neuroscience and AI

I have a YouTube video channel where you can find quite a few videos that I have uploaded over the years. Here's a link to the channel.

The first ones date from March 2012 when I proposed my 0-0-0-0.x Tax reform plan (essentially scrapping all taxes except for a Financial Transaction Tax that would be a fraction of 1%). There were versions in English and French.

In April 2012, I did another one on "Solving the Debt Crisis" (in English and French) that totalled over 2200 views. 

May 2012 saw my proposals for "Debt Annihilation" (again in English and French)

In June 2012, I was back with "Some Radical Proposals for Monetary Reform" (in English and French),     and in August, I posted "How the Eurozone countries could fix the global economic crisis".

In September 2012 I had a video called "The N-Euro Solution" which proposed the idea of creating a parallel debt free monetary system. 

One of my most popular videos has nothing to do with economic reform. It was a video on "Paranormal Phenomena" posted in January 2013.  I think a lot of people were surprised to see a "serious" scientist taking the evidence for fascinating phenomena like telepathy and precognition seriously. 

My biggest hit ever, was not me - it was French economist Bernard Maris revealing the truth about how commercial banks create money out of thin air when they make loans - posted in April 2014 and seen over 75000 times. 

 I also posted Ryland Thomas from the Bank of England saying effectively the same thing (posted April 2014 and seen over 3800 times) 

My TEDx talk (in French) entitled "Vers un monde pratiquement sans taxes" (towards a world virutally with no tax) was posted to my Youtube Channel  in September 2014 where it has been seen nearly 600 times. But I recently discovered that the original TEDx version has now been seen a very impressive 14,950 times! Not bad!

A talk that I presented at the Toulouse School of Economics in February 2015 and called "Fixing the Economic System" has been seen 970 times, and there is a similar talk in French called "Des solutions pour sortir de la crise'" posted in September 2015. 

I gave a talk entitled "AI, Neural Technology and Society" at an Emerging Technology meeting in November 2017 that you can find here. You can find another version here .

And then, finally, there is the talk on "AI, Technological Unemployment and Universal Basic Income" that I posted last week.

The talks on my personal YouTube Channel are mainly devoted to my ideas on the economy.  But when I was looking at YouTube, I realised that there are actually quite a few more of my talks that can be found. 

Here's a fairly complete list.

One of the first is a 10-minute presentation in French at a festival called "La Novella" in 2011 that was uploaded to YouTube in July 2012 and where I talk about the speed of processing in the human visual system.

I have another TEDx talk (in French) from April 2018 called "Survivre à la révolution de l'Intelligence Artificielle"

Another French talk with an English title "Finding Repeating Structures: The Secret of Intelligence?" was presented at "Les Rendez-Vous Aero de l'innovation" in December 2017.

I gave a series of 3 one-hour lectures at a Winterschool in Obergurl, Austria, in December 2016 on "How can the brain store memories that last a lifetime. They were posted to YouTube in February 2018. The talks are in three parts -Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

I gave another talk in Grenoble in June 2019 entitled "Finding Repeating Patterns: A key to intelligence in man and machine?"

I gave a talk on "Why use Spikes?" at a meeting in Rennes in June 2021 that was posted to YouTube in January 2022. 

I gave a talk at the Computing Systems Week in Lyon in October 2021 entitled "Hardware-friendly AI algorithms: Why Spikes are important" that I discovered had been posted to YouTube in July 2022. I actually had to re-record the talk when I got back to the lab because there had been problems with the original recording. 

You can find a talk that I gave for the researchers at IMEC in Holland in April 2022, entitled "The importance of spikes for power-efficient AI systems". I was forced to give it via zoom because I was prevented from travelling because of Covid.

I must say that it's nice to know that my talks will hopefully still be visible even when I am no longer around. But it's also nice to realise that when I watch my old videos on the economy from 10 years ago, I still agree with virtually everything I said.


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