10 Oct 2020

10 years of Saving the World by Fixing the Economy

Exactly ten years ago (10th October 2010), I posted the very first entry on my blog. 

Here we are, ten years on. And my blog now extends to no less than 637 posts. So far, it's been visited an impressive 561 389 times, with around 3000 new visits every month.

It would be a very tough job if you actually tried to read through all that stuff on the web. So I have converted the entire thing into a pdf document that you can download using this link

The pdf is quite practical because the hyperlinks work, making it much better than a printed version. Furthermore, you can effortlessly search it using Acrobat Reader (or whatever it is you use to read pdfs)

The whole thing runs to an impressive 914 pages, 431 786 words, and over 2 million characters. Gulp…

When I was updating this version, I had a look at a fair bit of the old material. And, I must say that it is remarkable that there is very little that I have said over the years that I would want to take back. 

Yep. I'm pretty proud of what I have generated over those ten years. 

And if there is anything I said that you don't like, or would want to criticize, feel free. Go ahead and take me up on it. There's nothing I would like than a good debate! 

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