30 Mar 2014

Euroclear - €572.8 trillion in transactions in 2013

EuroClear  released a press release on he 28th February 2014 that gives some more impressive numbers about the scale of financial transactions. 
"Turnover, the value of securities transactions settled, was a record EUR 572.8 trillion, a 5.8% increase over prior year. "
Their main site also boasta that "Every 6 days we settle  transactions equivalent to the GDP of the EU". Impressive.

Other information in the press release includes the following statement.
"The number of netted transactions settled in the Euroclear group grew by 7.1% to a record 170.4 million"
The majority of this was probably done in continental Europe, but the report also says that
"Fund orders routed through Euroclear UK and Ireland’s EMX Message System increased by 19.5% to a record 49 million messages in this period."
So, that presumably means that about 24% of the total was handled in the UK. That means that I can add an extra €137.5 trillion to the UK total of £1840 trillion that I calculated last week.  That's about £113 trillion, bringing the UK total to £1952 trillion.

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