18 Aug 2012

I want the earth : Plus Five Percent

For those who need someone else to tell them that the root of most, if not all, our current problems stem from the fact that our money supply is created as interest-bearing debt by commercial banks, I can recommend a 45 documentary called "I want the earth : Plus Five Percent".

It's based on  fable written by an Australian guy called Larry Hannigan in 1971. He had clearly worked out what was going on. You can find the original story on here, or an updated version (dating from 2009) here. There's also a pdf version to download here.

Great stuff. The video version has some extra bits at the end that describes how the takeover of the system has occured in Australia.
"The Federal Government already has the power and duty to create our money system with No interest and NO Debt" (Australian Constitution Section 51 and Section 115)."

"The Nullabour Railway, the Snowy River Scheme and many other projects were financed with No interest and No debt."

"So why has it not been done by any Federal Government since 1960?"

"The Commonwealth Bank (the peoples's Bank) was illegally "sold" 16 April 1991 to the International Banksters."
Sounds like it has been a similar story all over the world.  When will we wake up and do something to get this changed?

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