5 Feb 2012

Euroclear : €580 trillion in 2011

I'm relieved to hear that Euroclear has been forging ahead in 2011. Following my post about the €526 trillion that they handled in 2010, I was happy to read their latest press release that you can find here.

It's hot off the press - published on the 1st of Feburary. Here are some of the highlights.
Turnover, or the value of securities transactions settled, was a record EUR 580.6 trillion in 2011, a 10% increase compared with EUR 526.1 trillion in 2010.
They give a breakdown for each entity.
Euroclear Bank. The value of transactions processed by Euroclear Bank in 2011 rose to EUR 328.5 trillion, a 24% increase from the EUR 265.8 trillion reported in 2010.

Euroclear France. Turnover at Euroclear France rose by 9% in 2011 to EUR 81.9 trillion from EUR 75.3 trillion in 2010.

Euroclear Nederland. With turnover in 2011 rising 5% from EUR 4.5 trillion in 2010 to EUR 4.7 trillion in 2011, Euroclear Nederland settled 5.2 million securities transactions in 2011, 5% more than the 4.9 million transactions processed in 2010. 
Euroclear Sweden. Euroclear Sweden again achieved record results in annual turnover in 2011, having grown by 6% to the equivalent of a record EUR 11.2 trillion (SEK 101.1 trillion) from EUR 10.5 trillion (SEK 100.1 trillion) in 2010.
Euroclear Finland
 Turnover at Euroclear Finland increased 5% in 2011 to EUR 503 billion compared with EUR 479 billion in 2010,.
Xtrakter. Xtrakter, part of the Euroclear group since April 2009, processed a total of 950 million transactions in 2011, representing a 12% increase from the 850 million transactions processed in 2010
But it's not all good news. The results for Euroclear UK & Ireland must have been a real disappointment.
Euroclear UK & Ireland. Turnover dropped by 9% in 2011 to the equivalent of EUR 153.1 trillion (GBP 128.7 trillion) from EUR 169.0 trillion (GBP 145.7 trillion) in 2010.
Nevermind. I'm still happy. Why? Well, because applying an FTT of around 0.1% to that lot would provide a very efficient and simple way to generate around 580 billion euros of revenue for governments across europe. We just need a few politicians to wake up and realize that the solution is there and easy to implement.

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