28 Jan 2012

EuroClear - over €526 trillion in 2010

My investigation of the key players in the European financial markets continues. In the BIS report, they talked about CREST in the UK, which is operated by EuroClear. So I had a look, and dug up this report from Feburary last year where the EuroClear were boasting about having managed to increase their throughput to €526 trillion in 2010, up from a mere €500 trillion in 2009. I can't wait for the numbers for 2011.  They have a nice graph that I have copied for you here.

So, we can see that EuroClear France was at €75.3 trillion, EuroClear UK at €169 trillion, and EuroClear Bank (which I understand is based in Belgium) an impressive €265.8 trillion.

Quite how the European Commission came up with such a small estimate for the amount of revenue that could be generated from an FTT is beyond me.

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