8 Jan 2015

Bernard Maris - A hero

The islamist lunatics that caused the massacre at Charlie Hebdo took the life of Bernard Maris - one of my true heros.

Bernard was one of the very few economists that I have heard who spoke the truth. I very much hope that all his regular contributions to his "Oncle Bernard" column in Charlie Hebdo (he was one of the share-holders in the magazine) will be published in full. I heard him virtually every week on France Inter where his weekly debates with a Dominique Sceu, a journalist at the Echos newspaper were alwas fascinating.

Perhaps one good thing that may come of yesterdays carnage is the fact that since yesterday afternoon, hundreds of people have watched the Youtube clip that I posted last year where Bernard explains the truth about how money is created out of thin air by commercial banks when they make loans. At 4pm yesterday, there had been 7825 people who had looked at it. 12 hours later, the number has jumped to 9219 and rising.

See my earlier post on this for a full translation into English.

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