27 Oct 2013

Mary E Hobart had it right in 1891

I'm not sure exactly who Mary E Hobart was, but the book that she published in 1891 called "A scientific exposure of the Errors in out Monetary System. A new chapter in political economy" was truly remarkable. It was originally published by The People's Call Publishing Company in Seattle, Washinston. You can read the text online here, but the list of chapters is already impressive.

Chapter II. Four financial fallacies.
Chapter III. Financial fallacy of a metallic currency.
Chapter IV. Fallacy of intrinsic value in gold and silver.
Chapter V. Mathematical fallacy of interest.
Chapter VI. Bonded debts.
Chapter VII. The fallacy of awarding to bankers, corporations and private individuals the right to loan and control our medium of exchange.

She clearly fully understood that a system where bankers create the money supply out of thin air by making interest bearing loans cannot be made to work for the general good of the population.

The system needed to be fixed in 1891. It still does. 

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  1. Agreed. 125 years later, after several imaginary monetary-debt depression cycles, and with the US $17 trillion in debt, one has to admit she was on to something.