6 Oct 2013

BIS Transaction Data for 2012 : $9 quadrillion in the 23 countries

I've been looking at the latest transaction data published by the Bank for International Settlements, which provides a relatively complete picture for 23 countries. Using the Excel sheet with comparative tables that provides numbers for each country converted into US dollars, I have come up with the following table that ranks all 23 countries and allows the total value to be calculated.

Total transactions are again around $9 quadrillion - fairly similar to 2011, but substantially lower than the $10.5 quadrillion achieved in 2008.  The USA comes top, followed by Germany. But the relatively low ranking of the UK is illusory. As I noted yesterday, the numbers are way below the real values because of the failure of important players such as LCH.Clearnet to provide numbers since 2009 - hence the numbers in red.

I will try to come up with some more realistic numbers using alternative sources. But in the meantime, the BIS figures seem to about the best that can be found in a single source.

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