30 Dec 2012

Simon Thorpe's Science Blog

I've been writing this blog on the economy since October 2010 and I recently compiled the entire contents of the blog into pdf book form which I called "Saving the World (by fixing the economy)". If you are keen, you can download the whole thing by clicking here. But I warn you - it runs to a staggering 384 pages!

But I'm not just interested (obsessed?) by the economy. I'm actually a full time research scientist working for the CNRS in Toulouse in France. And there are all sorts of scientific questions that I would like to blog about too - hence my decision to start a new blog where I can talk about some of the other questions that interest me. Yes, I'm not just interested in trying to fix the economy!

The new blog is called "Simon Thorpe's Science Blog" and you can find it here.

As always, I am very keen to know what you think. So please feel free to comment on anything I say.

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