16 Dec 2012

Saving the World (by fixing the economic system)

I've been a bit quiet for the last couple of weeks, but I've not been inactive.

I've been busy compiling the entire content of this blog into an electronic book form that can be downloaded onto your PC, iPad or whatever.

I decided to call the whole thing "Saving the World (by fixing the economic system)" - so much less pretentious than "Simon Thorpe's Ideas" ;-)

I've added a preface, suggestions to readers, a list of links and suggested books and an afterword. In all, the whole thing comes to an amazing 381 pages. Gulp.

You can download the file (about 14 Megabytes) by clicking here.

Will anyone actually read it? Well, I don't know. But the fact is that since the whole thing is in the form of a searchable pdf file, if someone wants to find what I have to say on a particular subject, then it is now pretty simple.

My thanks in particular to the people behind the "BlogBooker" website who have developed a way that allows anyone with a blog to generate a pdf book of their blog very easily.

Note added 31st December 2012 : I've just updated the book so that it includes all the entries from 2010 to the end of December.


  1. Am reading it, and found it really refreshing. Thank you for this great work.

  2. Eugenio - if you manage to read all 380+ pages, then you deserve a medal!

    Check my youtube videos first - they are designed to be easy to get through. I deliberately did them for people (close family in particular) who told me that my blog was too long - too many numbers etc...