27 May 2012

Debt Annihilation - My latest Youtube presentation!

I'm really excited about my new proposition to annihilate debt by using the fractional reserve banking trick to genereate the enormous amounts of "money" needed to get out of the debt spiral.

It's essentially the idea that I came up with last tuesday morning at 5am and which I detailed in my post "Eureka! Creating the ultimate debt killing weapon".

In my latest Youtube offering called "Debt Annihilation" (just over 12 minutes), I illustrate how the mechanism could work for solving the Greek debt crisis, but the same ideas would be just easy to implement in other countries including France, the UK, Ireland, Spain, Portugal and the USA.

Here it is. Enjoy! And do click on "Like" if you like it, and send the link it to your friends.
I'll try and get a French version done soon.

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