5 Feb 2012

NYSE Liffe Europe: €491 trillion in 2011

I just love these financial market people. They can be so up-front about everything. I have just found that NYSE Liffe provides excel files that has the details of all their transactions month by month for their offices in Amsterdam, Paris, Lisbon, London, and Paris. The webpage is here. There's also a summary file that has all the data summed up by year since 2006.

The only thing that I had to do was extract the numbers and add them up. Here's the result.

Note that the numbers are in thousands of euros. So, a total of €491 trillion. A bad year compared with 2010, where they managed to go over the €500 trillion mark. But pretty respectable. And an easy target for any governments who decided to impose an FTT.  NYSE Liffe obviously monitor everything very carefully, and can give you the totals for every day, usually after about 24 hours. By the way, their best day so far for 2012  is still the 13th of January - where they we able to do 2.67 trillion euros in a single day.

Yep. They could send the check to the government within a couple of days. And, if the level of revenue was not enough to match the governments expenditure requirements, it would be trivial to vary the rate as necessary. 


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