6 Jan 2012

STOP PRESS : France may go it alone with an FTT!!

I'm no great supporter of Nicholas Sarkozy, but if he really means what he says, this could be fantastic news. I heard this evening that France intends to press ahead with the introduction of a Financial Transaction Tax of 0.05% "before the end of january" and "with or without the Germans"!

You can read all about it here and here and here

Et si vous parlez français, ici et ici

It makes me proud to be (almost) French!! I just need to get copies of both my parents birth certificates, and I could get dual nationality.

Apparently, Mario Monti, the Italian Premier is completely opposed, but he would be - he only stopped working for  Goldman Sachs in November.

My only fear is that this may just be electioneering and that he actually doesn't mean it. But, hell, I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt. Go for it Sarko!!!

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  1. Got to agree with you about NS - typical grandstanding. So I hope he goes all the way with this...