18 Feb 2011

The Tax Justice Network and Stop Paradis Fiscaux

I wrote to Nick Shaxson to ask why he didn't include FTTs in his list of possible actions to help deal with Tax Havens... he admitted that he'd thought about it, but decided it would be too complicated.

Anyway, we had a good exchange and I've also been in touch with John Christensen from the Tax Justice Network (which I have joined). John suggested that I contact the French group Plateforme Paradis Fiscaux et Judiciaires who have launched a public petition that I recommend that people in France sign.  You can sign the petition here - they've currently got 45976 signatures.

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  1. Hi Simon

    Please find some further information on Financial Transaction Tax (FTT), here as agreed by the European Committee in the House of Commons:


    In that the Secretary to the Treasury, Mark Hoban, talks about a Report from the IMF about FTT.

    So further digging found this:


    Chapter 8 talks about the FTT. And talks about the elasticity of demand when changing prices for financial transactions. Something I mentioned in my last comments to you, which I now added to this blog.

    This is just one economist of the IMF talking about FTT, I do not share the the view of the IMF author, in fact I would disagree in a number of aspects. However, Mark Hoban from the UK Gov seems to agree with him.

    I found all that information, after reading about it on the robinhoodtax.org website.

    Hope you find that useful.