30 Jan 2011

The Podimata Report in the European Parliament

It's unusual for me to do two posts the same day. But this is important. I got a mail from the people at the Europeans for Financial Reform organisation saying that there is going to be a vote on a proposal made by Mrs. Podimata, a Greek Member of the European Parliament (MEP), from the Group of Socialists and Democrats (formerly called "Party of European Socialists Group").  Her report can be downloaded from here.

Specifically, on 1st February in the European, there will be a crucial vote on the financial transaction tax. MEPs will have to choose between
- voting for a financial transaction tax at European Level Now
- or postponing  the introduction of a financial transaction tax and waiting for the whole world to agree on such a tax

The left wing parties in the European parliament have already made their choice: they want a European Financial Transaction tax now. And so does Mrs. Podimata, the Member of the European Parliament in charge of the report to be voted on 1st February in the Economic and Monetary Affairs committee in the European Parliament.

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