29 Dec 2010

Papers on Financial Transaction Taxes

I've just been using Google Scholar to find out what has been written on Financial Transaction taxes recently.

Several interesting documents can be downloaded easily.

Stephan Schulmeister, a researcher at the Austrian Institute for Economic Research, has published a number of papers including one called "A General Financial Transaction Tax: A Short Cut of the Pros, the Cons and a Proposal".

There's an IMF Working Paper by Thornton Matheson called "Taxing Financial Transactions: Issues and Evidence".

There's also a paper by Christopher Culp (a professor at the University of Chicago) called "Financial Transaction Taxes: Benefits and Costs'.

You can also find a paper by Zsolt Darvas and Jakob von Weizsäcker prepared for the European Parliament called "Financial Transaction Tax: Small is Beautiful".

There's a paper by Dean Baker (Codirector of the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington) that was prepared for the Bundestag in May that is called "The Benefits of Financial Transaction Taxes").

There's even a paper by Richard Page from the Georgetown University Law Center that even argues that FTTs couldn't work (!) - it's called "Foolish Revenge or Shrewd Regulation? Financial-Industry Tax Law Reforms proposed in the wake of the Financial Crisis"

Bill Barclay has a paper in a journal called Dissent called "Found money: The case for a Financial Transaction Tax" (unfortunately not downloadable).

But the nicest thing is that the number one paper out of 92 hits was a paper by someone called Simon Thorpe entitled "A Flat Rate Financial Transaction Tax to replace all taxes?" Well, I won't get too excited, because nobody has actually cited it yet, but I guess Google must have some way of deciding what to put at the top of the list.

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