18 Sep 2014

My TEDx presentation is now on line - In French

It's been quite a wait since I gave my TEDx talk in Toulouse at the beginning of May. I'm happy to say that you can now watch the video of my presentation here. It's called "Vers un monde (pratiquement) sans taxes" ("Towards a virtually tax-free world").

It's a bit disappointing, because there's a lot of stuff that I show on the screen that you can't see because of the camera angles. But, if you can understand (my) French, you should be able to follow my talk anyway.

As soon as I have a moment, I'll try and do my own version that combines the video with the contents of my KeyNote file.

And, of course, if anyone wants me to do a TED or TEDx talk in English on this, or any related topics, do let me know. I'll be very happy to oblige!

There's also a presentation by my friend Carole Fabre at the same TEDx event that includes the idea of introducing a basic income. You can find that here.

In fact, you can find nearly all the TEDx talks from that day here.

Actually, if you combine my proposal for introducing a flat rate financial transaction tax with redistribution as a basic unconditional income, and I believe that we have a real solution to many of the worlds problems.

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