14 Dec 2011

My thanks to the Guardian

I just got an email from someone called Dawn at the Guardian who has kindly accepted to reinstate my comment that was removed by a moderator because "it didn't comply with community standards". Thanks Dawn!

Perhaps Dawn could have a word with Annabel, the other moderator, who went through all the 26 comments that were removed at the end of october, and generously reinstated one of them. 

The fact is that the Guardian is a great newspaper. For example, on tuesday it had a great piece by Aditya Chakrabortty called "Britain is ruled by the banks, for the banks", and another excellent commentary by George Monbiot entitled "Britain's press are fighting a class war, defending the elite they belong to". Read them both and you begin to realize why so many people in the UK apparently think that David Cameron's decision to shoot himself in the foot was a good idea.

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