31 Oct 2011

Today's censored comment on the Guardian

Yes, I'm still being censored by the Guardian. 

My 7 comments from last week are still invisible following the decision of one of their moderators to remove them, and I am still being  "premoderated", which means that I am being prevented from expressing my point of view. A message I posted yesterday morning still has not passed premoderation. 

I posted the following sensible comment this morning. It will be very interesting to see if they decide to publish it, and if so when. I sincerely feel that it is the moderator who removed my 7 comments last week and put me on the black list who should be moderated - not me. 

Posted in response to Larry Elliot's piece at 7h51 on Monday the 31st October.
There is a real plan B that could be enacted at the G20 meeting. It is the perfect occasion for introducing tthe 0.1% FTT proposed by the European Union. As I have explained elsewhere, this could provide the basic mechanism for (a) providing very large amounts of revenue that could be used to write of the 10 trillion euros of goverment debt in the 27 EU countries and (b) remove the taxes such as corporation tax that motivate multinationals to hoard 18 trillion dollars in tax havens.
The Guardian will be receiving mails every day until this censorship stops. 

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